Foresters determine when and how trees should be harvested, ensuring that forests are healthy and productive. The industry is committed to sustainable forest management and follows the guidelines and standards of the American Forest & Paper Association’s Sustainable Forestry InitiativeSM and the National Hardwood Lumber Association’s Sustainable Forest Policy.

The industry continues to improve yields of the finished products from each tree, and to invest in forestry and genetic research, which ensures that industry lands will be even more productive in the future.

How important is the forest products industry to the United States?

In the United States, forest products companies employ 1.75 million people and are ranked among the top ten employers in 40 states.
Also, the average single-family home contains over 13,000 board feet of lumber, and 94 percent of all new homes are built with wood frames.

Is wood an environmentally sensitive building material?
Wood is recyclable, biodegradable and durable – sometimes lasting for centuries. When it is no longer needed, it can be returned to the earth and renewed for future generations. Resources such as iron ore, coal and limestone, once removed, are gone forever.